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BTP Fiori

Integrated with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP Fiori offers a modern, intuitive user experience for accessing and interacting with SAP applications. It simplifies and streamlines enterprise software systems, allowing users to easily access critical business functions and revolutionize how businesses interact with their SAP software systems

Core Components of SAP Fiori on BTP

  • SAPUI5: An HTML5 framework enabling the creation of responsive, cross-application web applications. It ensures consistent user experiences across the entire enterprise.
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad: A central entry point for all SAP Fiori applications, providing a dashboard interface for users to access and view all their apps in one place. It supports personalization, navigation, app configuration, and embedded support.
  • SAP Fiori Elements: Formerly known as Smart Templates, they provide pre-defined templates and patterns to help developers build SAP Fiori apps more efficiently, reducing development time and ensuring consistency across the SAP Business Suite.
  • SAP Gateway: Facilitates communication and collaboration between SAP systems and SAP Fiori apps, including SAP and non-SAP applications. It uses OData services to connect different devices, systems, and app environments to one comprehensive SAP system.

How SAP Fiori Works

SAP Fiori leverages these core components to deliver a unified, role-tailored user experience across various devices. Users can access transactional and analytical apps designed for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, providing a simple and intuitive interface for the most frequently used functions across SAP software.

  • Transactional Apps: Perform transactional tasks, grouped into catalogs, and assigned to roles in the SAP Fiori Launchpad. They simplify interactions between existing business processes, offering an easier, more efficient way to control what users can see through role-based permissions.
  • Analytical Apps: Offer insights into real-time business operations by collecting, displaying, and combining key analytics data and metrics across the SAP Fiori UX. Launched within a KPI tile, these apps improve data accessibility and transparency for users.

Benefits of SAP Fiori on BTP

  • Improved Efficiency: Speeds up onboarding and training, encourages quick task completion, and improves user productivity and data quality across all SAP applications.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Leverages native mobile deployment capabilities and web apps to improve accessibility.
  • Scalability and Adaptation: Adapts and scales app development to meet evolving business and user needs, ensuring application designs remain consistent across systems.

In summary, SAP Fiori on BTP transforms enterprise operations by providing a modern, intuitive user experience that enhances productivity, efficiency, and accessibility across all SAP applications.